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SIKSA - Marina Abramović
from upcoming album STABAT MATER DOLOROSA
Release at OFF FESTIVAL 3.8.2018
Art: Vera King
Rec & Mix: Kostja Usenko/N0 Tengo Patria
Master: Mustache Ministry Studio

Oh war, war, war | What will you dress my husband in? | Oh war, war, war | How my husband will be dressed? | Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to say that I haven't felt so humiliated in a long time! The fact that I have been photographed with my temporarily bought Shih Tzu dog | is nothing! It's just a drop of water in a sea of tears, fake tears from TOP MODEL | but I unfortunately happened to wear a t-shirt | while walking this dog | IT WASN'T CHEAP, IT WAS YVES SAINT LAURENT | it wasn't cheap, so I was like | I'M GONNA BUY IT, GONNA BUY IT! | And as it unfortunately happened, there was a womans face on this T-shirt | and I'm thinking to myself | Who is this chick anyway? | Why the next day everybody on the Internet keep saying that I'm a feminist | that I'm left-wing | the left-wing thing I can handle | because Adrian Zandberg is quite good-looking | quite ruggedly handsome | but a feminist? | No way! That I can't handle! | So I ask the instagram community | who is this chick on my shirt, that I'm being called a feminist? | And someone responded: Marina Abramović: the artist is present | and I think to myself: | she's not really present, is she? I can't see her here anywhere | but if someone like her calls herself 'Marina Abramovic: the artist is present', then I don't want women to be present in art at all! I want those artists | those women in art | to focus their creativity (if they even have any, I highly doubt that) on their husband | at home | and not art | those great female artists... | Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my manifesto! | Of a celebrity, not a female celebrity, I don't give a shit about those words of yours | I'm a celebrity | dressed in YVES SAINT LAURENT | those clothes aren't cheap, so I'M BUYING THEM, I'M BUYING | Ladies and Gentlemen | I never was | I am not | and I never will be | a feminist | I want to be a beautiful woman with children, a house and a husband | Only Agnieszka Osiecka playing in my speakers | and children, and a house, and a husband | Recently Radosław came back home and said: „what are you listening to?!” - I was just listening to Agnieszka Osiecka - 'What are you listening to? This sucks! You're playing women's records at my house?!” I said: calm down, Radosław. It's only Agnieszka Osiecka. Nice music to wash the dishes. To clean, to mop the floor | Harmless background music | Don't worry, Radosław | I'm not a feminist, I'm a beautiful woman | with children and a house | only Agnieszka Osiecka in the speakers | and children, and a house | and a beautiful voice | and all the punks in the world rejoice because finally I'm not a feminist, but a beautiful woman with children and a house | and a beautiful voice | and I'm not screaming anymore | because I'm not a feminist, but a beautiful woman | AND I'M NOT SCREAMING ANYMORE

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